Wednesday, October 30, 2013

little things about MARRIAGE

Marriage is a school where you get the certificate before you start.  
A school where you will never graduate.  
A school without a break or a free period.  
A school where no one is allowed to drop out.  
A school which you will have to attend every day of your life.  
A school where there is no sick leave or holidays.  

A school founded by the Almighty:
1. On the foundation of love, 
2. The walls made of trust,
3. The door made of acceptance, 
4. The windows made of understanding. 
5. The furniture made of blessings. 
6. The roof made of faith.  

Before you forget, you are just a student not the principal. The Almighty is the principal. 

Even at times of a storm, don’t be unwise and run outside. 
Remember this school is the safest place to be.  

Never go to sleep before completing your assignments for the day.  
Never forget the C-word, communicate, communicate, communicate with your classmate and with the Principal. 
If you find something in your classmate (spouse) that you do not appreciate, remember your classmate is also just a student not a graduate. 
The Almighty is not finished with him/her yet, so take it as a challenge and work on it together.  

Do not forget to study, study, study the Noble Book (the main textbook in this school). 
Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it the same way.
Sometimes you will feel like not attending class, yet you have to.
When tempted to quit find the courage and continue. 
Some tests and exams may be tough but remember the Principal knows how much you can bear.  

Still, it is one of the best schools on earth; joy, peace and happiness accompany each lesson of the day.  

Different subjects are offered in this school, yet love is the major subject. 
After all the years of being theoretical about it, now you have a chance to practice it.  
To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the greatest privilege of them all.  
Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse but remember: 

“This class doesn’t involve a person who is not permitted into it”! If you invite your mother or father or your friends to this class,  or anyone who is not allowed to be there, you will fail the exam.  It is you who should attend and it is you who will pass.  Its your choice today:” build it or break it”

source : Dr Halina

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

untungnya jarang jumpa ayah.....

bila dh jarang jumpa... gini la jadinya.
harap2 relationship nye jd lg kuat


go camping together... 
even-though kat luar rumah je pun. hahaha.... ni namanya pre-camping :D
considered bdk2 ni 50% lulus la.... sbb x byk citer.. x cr kipas @ aircond.. cuma en epol je takleh tahan kena escort kakak g toilet. banyak kali gak rasanya..

apa2 pun cuti sekolah nanti dah bleh g camping betul2..
tu pun korang je la. ibu nk dok chalet. muahahaha...

merayap g memana dgn rasa selamat n blk umh sekehendaknya.
this time we went to bazar karat ... kuar lepas maghrib, sampai umahnya tgh mlm.. balik tu lmbt sket sbb roadblock. 2 tempat rasanya.. aku kat sblh mmg dah x sedarkan diri.. sampai kat bukit dahlia baru terjaga..

actually pergi tu pun just nk cari polo shirt JDT yg version hitamgold tu.. unluckily we are too late sbb dah out of season. kalu ada pun yg tinggal, semuanya xde size en epol..
last2... dianye brg takde.. bdk2 tu yg dapat baju baru.

terima kasih ayah. sbb tu kitaorg syg ayah lebih dr syg kat ibu.

and lastly..

mandi laut [lagi..... dan lagi]

hmmm, ni dah mcm jadi aktiviti wajib. asal nampak je muka ayah dia, teruslah teringat nk mandi laut. yg en epol pun.... x jemu2 dia dgn laut. keje tgh laut.. blk cuti pun ngadap laut.

yg ni pergi tg. balau.. sokmo la g sana sbb tu je la tmpt yg paling dekat dan toiletnya berkenan di hati. 

tgk tgn si kechek tu... dah kecut pun.. tetap jugak nk mkn aiskrim.
ingatkn nk tido, naik je darat terus beso matanya.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

resepi | buttercream

buttercream (source)

1 cwn shortening + 1 cwn krimwell
[ pukul hingga kembang. guna kelajuan sederhana ]

[ tambahkan sedikit demi sedikit ] [ pukul gingga gebu ]
4~5 cwn gula aising yg dah diayak

[ tambahkan dan pukul lagi hingga puas hati dgn teksturnya ]
1 sd teh vanila essence + 2 sd besar susu cair 

p/s : no picture taken due to cake deco yg langsung x presentable. huhuhu...
p/s : make sure pukul gula aising tu hingga HANCUR.. bukan hancur sket2..